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Centrifugal Blower
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·Address:    Building 24, Maqiao Industrial Square, Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone
Jiangsu Province, China
·Zip code: 215513
·Phone: 86-512-52010916
·Fax: 86-512-52655068
·Mailbox: info@chinfan.com
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CIC™ Comprehensive Intelligent Control



  • CIC™ control based on newly developed theory model,logic,and in-house control method, representing most advanced control technology in the field.
  • User friendly HMI touch screen,precise monitor and control,fast data communication and processing,ensure reliable operation,easy use,maximum power saving.
  • Comprehensive protection:surge,overload,temperature,vibration,etc.
  • Real-time performance curve, world leading technology, display real-time flow and pressure,no need for flow meter.



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